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First of all, I could’ve adopted a stage name, called myself Pierre Troubador or something similarly exotic. I mean, John Denver had the foresight to know that John Deutschendorf would have trouble becoming a household name. But I don’t like facades or anything phony. That’s one thing you should know about me. Randy Brumley’s my name, and feel free to wear it out.

My parents gave me my name and my talent. They were musicians from way back, and gave me my first shot at performing, when I was six, a guest performance with my sister at a county fair in Yale, Oklahoma. Music has been my life ever since. Countless hours in my room singing and playing guitar, writing songs, doing the local rock ‘n roll band thing, making records, playing all over. I even worked in a music store for eleven years, and got away from what I love to do: writing and performing my songs.

I’m done with the business side, at least the selling of instruments. I am committed one billion percent to harnessing the endless stream of melodies and song ideas in my head and offering them to the world. After all these years, finally I know what I am: a singer/songwriter. I am in love with music. I am in love with life. My songs say so.

I was exposed to music at an early age by my mom and dad who played in a thriving Country and Western music scene in the 60’s and 70’s in Tulsa. Every weekend there would be stage shows at gas stations or Reeves TV, weekly radio shows, "The Country Music Show" on every morning and The "Wing Ding" every Saturday.  My mom had many brothers who were great singers and guitar players. Many late night were spent at the Brumley house playing music and making live recordings right in the living room. I still have tapes of our family, Johnny Stills, Ted Creekmore and many others recorded on Latimer Place in Tulsa. My dad was a regular on The Country Music Show and our relationship with Ted Creekmore kept us wearing those cool Challenger Casuals “go cat britches” as Uncle  Harley would say! Country music was a good spark in my little musical mind and the Beatles came along and ignited a fire. The British invasion which would have to include (in my book) Julie Andrews and the whole “Sound of Music” phenomena!


My older brother, Gary became a prolific songwriter when I was ten years old. Being a witness to his talents inspired me in the direction of songwriting. He taught me to fingerpick guitar. Gary is a very gifted visual and aural artist.

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