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When asked what kind of music he plays, Randy Brumley calls it "hybrid music" - a blend of rock, soul, blues, country with a tinge of jazz. "The jazz is by accident." he quips. "I learned a long time ago not to follow trends. You won't see me wearing a trucker hat, or any hat at all for that matter." Although his music is a "hybrid" he says his "notes and chords are created organically here in the magic music land of United States of America." He avoids playing in the key of G when he can because he says it's "too common." "G stands for ground, A is for air, B is for beauty, C is for color, D is for delight, E is for elevation and F is for fun" he muses with a chuckle "My music tends to come from the elements of the heavens, water, fire and not so much dirt." "I do have some dirt in my music but it's more of a brown color."

"I've been making noises with my voice and guitar ever since I can remember. My dad put a guitar in my lap when I was 4 years old. I watched my brother, who was about 11 years older, write wonderfully compelling songs. They started the path for me to attempt to follow. That path led to my own journey and I've never stopped."


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